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Our Oysterman is an awesome guy, passionate about oysters. He will take you on a journey where you are going to learn by doing.

You will explore what different species of oysters taste like, including the influence of terroir on their flavour and texture as we master the technique for opening these delicious creatures. He will even come up with a few classic (and one or two daring!) wine choices to complement and contrast with these briny beauties. You will also hear from our Oysterman why these clams are a great choice for health and environmental reasons and are fully sustainable when farm-raised. You will walk away a true shucker expert.

Enjoy an evening full of entertainment and joy, after which you will definitely have a new hobby!

Are you ready for the challenge? Even if you think you do not like oysters it is worthwhile the experience!

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LocationAmsterdam, The Netherlands

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
January 22, 2016

What an experience. A bucket list thing for Oyster lovers!

April 30, 2016

Talk of the Town Tours… they really meet high requirements.
During a sunny evening I experienced an exclusive Oyster journey with a group of friends in a typical Dutch Houseboat. The evening was tailor made, vibrant, and relaxed! The Oysterman is really a master, he guided us through the story behind the raise of oysters. I didn’t like oysters very much but this evening changed that!
Thank you so much, I will highly recommend this Tour!

Best regards,

Pauline van der Pas

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